Canoe / Boat

We rent canoes. Perfect for you who want to get out on Bullaresjön. Bullaresjöarna are two long narrow lakes in Bohuslän in Västra Götaland County: Norra Bullaresjön and Södra Bullaresjön. The northern lake is located entirely in Tanum municipality, while the southern part is also located in Munkedal municipality. They are located in a fissure valley that stretches from Idefjorden in the north to Gullmarsfjorden in the south.

Price: 2 hours, 120sek, subject to change.


Paddleboard / SUP

We rent paddle boards, book your appointment at the reception. 

Price: 2 hours, 120 sec, subject to change. 


Updated: 2023-01-05


We have two bowling alleys, down by the Jacksplace restaurant. You can book your appointment at the reception. 

Price: 2 hours, 90 sec
Cloth rental: SEK 20

Takes 1 minute to learn.
And a whole life to develop. 


Simply explained, boule consists of throwing balls as close to the small ball, also called the little one, as possible. But first the little one has to be thrown out and land somewhere between 6-10 meters away. Each team then throws their ball. The team that ends up furthest away from the kid continues to throw until they get a ball that is closest. Then it's the other team's turn.

After all the balls have been thrown, the team closest to the little gets one point for each ball that is closer to the opposing team's best. Only one team scores points in each round. And it is the winners who get to throw out the little one in the next round. 

First to 13 points wins.

Fishing / Fishing license

In Bullaresjön, a fishing license is required. You can buy this at the reception or if you arrange a digital one.

Digital fishing license

Fishing license Bullarens FVOF

You can buy a fishing license from Bullarens FVOF through us at iFiske! All products (fishing licenses) that are sold are digital, ie it and the receipt is delivered via ePost, to the app and as an SMS (optional) from us at iFiske.
The seller is Bullarens FVOF (855900-2145).

Day pass 50 sec
Weekly card 150 sec
Annual card 250 sec
Annual card family 300 sec

Excursion destinations

The moose fall is located at the top of the municipality's northeastern part and forms the border with Norway. The waterfall is Bohuslän's highest with its 46 meter drop. There is a bridge below the case with good accessibility. An information board tells about border history and ancient monuments. Before, there was a saw and a mill here. Water-rich periods are autumn and spring when the fall is a particularly big visitor attraction. The moose fall is located at the top of the municipality's northeastern part and forms the border with Norway.

Directions from the campsite to Älgafallet

You exit the camping area and go to the right, up towards the Norwegian border. Before you get there, go down the hill, to the right and over a small bridge. About 20 meters further ahead, turn left… You walk between 4-5 houses. Now you go out into the field on the left, where there is a barrier. Go past it! Now you walk a few hundred meters. After a while you will arrive, below the case. Enjoy!


We actually have two bunkers on our campsite. Both are located in the caravan area at the top, above the sauna and the beach.
We will prepare them for the season so that no one gets hurt. Keep an eye on the children if you plan to watch them.

The forest

We have nice forest paths for those of you who like to go out into nature. Find there? Go up into the camping area and get to the top of the campsite. You can then take the road out towards the forest via the caravan area. If you find rubbish of any kind, you are more than welcome to bring it back and throw it at the recycling station. 


We have a sauna located next to the beach. It can be booked all year round. 
You fire in the sauna, for a while before use. Book your appointment at the reception. 

Price: SEK 150 for 2 hours 

Motor boat/rowing boat

We have boats that we rent out and they are located in the canal, in the middle of the camping area. 
Price: 4 hours 300 sek or book a whole day, 500 sek.

Rowing boat
We have a rowing boat that can be booked. 
Price: 4 hours SEK 200 or book a whole day, SEK 300. 

The laundry room

We have a laundry room with a washing machine and a dryer. 
You book your washing time at the reception. In that time, you can wash a load of laundry and dry it. Price: 40sek. 

Use the menu on the right of the machine. Wipe down the washer with the cloth and remove the lint from the dryer when you're done.