5 bed cottage
Toilet & shower

Cottage 9, is nicely located up on our camping area, near the caravans.
The cottage is a 5-bed cottage with toilet and shower.
In the triple kitchen there is crockery and kitchen utensils.
A small TV, with bass range.
In the cottage there are duvets and pillows. Bed linen can be rented at the reception.

Price during low season: SEK 625, SEK 3,750 / week.

Dogs are welcome in the cottage, but remember to clean extra carefully before you check out. By law, littering is not allowed, therefore we urge you to throw rubbish etc. in our recycling station. There you can throw household rubbish, cardboard, pet bottles and glasses. Together we help, thank you.

Low season 22 August – 31 December 2022 








Updated: 2023-01-05